Fiberglass Swimming Pools For Sale In Gauteng

Phoenix Pools are the leaders who pioneered the swimming pool industry in 1969 We sell direct to the public, wholesale and deliver country wide. We manufacture the widest range of pre-moulded fibreglass swimming pools, spa pools, splash pools, above ground swimming pools, versatile pools, inground swimming pools, sectional pools and koi ponds.


Regular site inspections are carried out by Poly Phoenix Fiberglass to ensure the high standards of Quality and Service are carried through to you the customer ensuring your complete customer satisfaction.


We are also specialist in fibreglass linings and swimming pool renovations, and can make your old drab and dreary pool come to life again. We pride ourselves in delivering a service and product that will last a life time.

Advantages Of Owning A Phoenix Swimming Pools

  • Super strong, Flexible and tough
  • 17 times stronger than concrete
  • Quick installation
  • Save on chemicals, low on maintenance
  • Unique time proven engineers design
  • Reinforced concrete ringbeam
  • SABS - Lloyd’s approved materials
  • Long term chemical resistance
  • Before Getting A Swimming Pool

    Decide on the type of swimming pool you want

    Weigh the pros and cons of each pool carefully before deciding to build. A qualified swimming pool builder can walk you through the options and help you make the right choice for your backyard.

    Think about how much can you maintain.

    If properly maintained, swimming pools can be a valuable asset when selling your house.

    Don’t forget landscaping.

    Do you want palms shading you from the afternoon heat or a pebble border around your swimming pool deck? Like water features, lighting, and other accessories, proper landscaping can enhance the aesthetic pleasure a swimming pool offers.

Below you can view a wide variety of swimming pools available

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